Twos Program

Davenport offers two classes of twos that are divided by age. (There is no cutoff age for either class, the division of age is based on the children enrolled each year.) We do enroll children that are not two years of age by September 1st, but they cannot start until their 2nd birthday.

Each classroom has a total of twelve children per day with two full-time teachers. Children may attend two (Tu/Th), three (M/W/F), or five full days.

The twos program places a strong focus on language development, appropriate communication skills, and learning how to function within a larger group. The overall curriculum is primarily theme based. Each theme incorporates different aspects of language arts, math, social studies and art concepts on a weekly basis.

The primary teaching time is done through whole group instruction, followed by reinforcing activities that are taught in small groups or on an individual basis.

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