Summer Camp


Space Camp

Dates: Monday, June 26TH through Friday, July 7TH

Space Camp will take your child on a journey through the solar system as they learn about the many different objects found in space including physical features, movement and location.  Activities include the making of a full-scale model of the solar system to teach the importance of models in science, why scientists use them, and what we can learn from them. During the second week of Space Camp, the focus will shift to space exploration. Children will learn about the history of space travel, astronaut training, as well as building and launching their own rocket!

Moving Through the Decades Camp

Dates: Monday, July 10TH through Friday, July 21ST

Moving through the Decades Camp will send your child traveling through time to experience four different decades in American History, highlighting popular music and dance from the 1920’s, 1950’s, 1960’s, and 1980’s. From ragtime, swing, rock-n-roll to new wave, your child will be movin’ and groovin’ to the hits of the past. Children will also be engaging in daily activities and experiences that focus on some of the pop culture trends from each of these decades which include silent movies, Mr. Potato Head, Tye Dye, and Fraggle Rock. They will learn how all of these inventions impacted life and education in the 20th Century.  Moving through the Decades Camp will wrap up with a culminating performance where all of the children will have the opportunity to perform the movements they have learned from each decade for their friends and family, followed by an all- camp picnic.

Art Expressions Camp

Dates: Monday, July 24TH through Friday, August 4TH

Throughout Art Expressions Camp, your child will not only be exposed to paint and paint brushes, but  also the opportunity to understand the history of art as they focus on several selected artists and their unique styles. Your child will learn about the painting styles of Vincent Van Gogh, the sculpting techniques of Alexander Calder, the repeating patterns of Andy Warhol, and the naturalistic photography of Ansel Adams. Each child will be given the chance to recreate their artistic style the way they see it through their eyes. Art Expressions Camp will conclude with a reception for all parents to join their child on a self-guided tour through Davenport’s Art Gallery so they may share the knowledge and creativity they have gained throughout their camp experience.

“Paying it Forward”: Heifer International

Dates: Monday, August 7TH through Friday, August 18th

During these two weeks of this camp, the children will learn about the five amazing principles that embody Heifer International: the “tangible” value of animals; teaching families how to live and sustain life; providing basic needs through business opportunities and creating sustainable income; promoting the empowerment of women in third-world countries; and passing on these principles to others and future generations. Your child will learn that even the smallest changes and contributions can make large, positive impacts in their community and across the globe. The children will learn about poverty, the cultural difference between where they live and the community they are supporting, and enriching the community through sustainable living. Heifer International epitomizes the philosophy of “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”


(» Download Summer Camp Application for Full Details «)

When you enroll in summer camp, your child will be scheduled to attend Mon-Fri for two weeks. Children may attend for half the day or the whole day. The tuition prices for all five camps are exactly the same. Families that are enrolling more than one child will receive 10% off for each additional child.

Camp Mornings/HALF Day Camp 8:45am-12:30pm (earlier drop off possible)

  • Payment made by March 1st = $450 (For Davenport Families ONLY)

  • Payment made after March 1st = $475 (Davenport and ALL NEW-Davenport Families)

FULL Day Camp (Care available from 7:30am-5:30pm)

  • Payment made by March 1st = $550 (For Davenport Families ONLY)

  • Payment made after March 1st – $575 (Davenport and ALL NEW-Davenport Families)

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