Music Class

Music is taught by Mr. Kurt Fedde.  The music program fosters a love for music at every age level.  Music class is highly interactive and allows the children to sing, move to music, listen to different styles and genres, improvise, and play instruments.  Students will experience rhythm, volume, and tone as they express their musicality. 


 The music curriculum uses a variety of tools such as rhythm sticks, egg shakers, scarves, drums, recorders, and a plethora of other instruments.  Throughout the year students will begin to recognize tonalities such as major and minor modes, and identify pictorial representations of songs and pitches.  Mr. Fedde utilizes Kodály solfege hand signs to aid in teaching tonality, pitch differentiation, and song recognition.  

Every age group receives 30 minutes of music instruction once a week.  Outside of music class, Mr. Fedde teaches small group piano lessons for eligible Pre-K students.  Piano lessons are an extra-curricular activity that are taught in 8 week sessions.  Parents may sign up eligible Pre-K students for piano lessons at three different points throughout the school year.

For more information on the music program at Davenport, email Mr. Kurt Fedde at  

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