Community class was created by Davenport Director, Liz Harlan, and is taught by Ms. Erika Brannock.

The class focuses on several of Davenport’s core educational philosophies, which include the importance of teaching children that they have a responsibility to care for others and they are a part of a larger “community”.

Their community includes not only family and friends, but their school, neighbors, resource personnel (firemen, police, doctors), and the greater world around them. Children are taught the value of helping others, as well as, being positive and contributing members of their surrounding communities.

All Davenport children learn about three different organizations that our school supports. A lot of thought went into each organization as each incorporates three different types of children in need.

Our students are taught about the types of children and families they serve, the ways each organization helps others, and how young children like themselves can help. They learn quickly that … “Every little bit counts” and “It all adds up to make a big difference!”

Organizations Davenport Supports:

The Ark Preschool – A preschool located in downtown Baltimore for children that are homeless.

The Ronald McDonald House – A national organization with a local chapter in Baltimore and provide housing for families with children that are seeking medical care from local area hospitals.

Heifer International – A global organization that works with third world countries to teach them to be self-sufficient through farming and overall education. The program involves every family and community member in order to be successful, and then the community that receives assistance must promise to “pass the gift” to another community.

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