Pre-K Aged Program

Davenport offers a unique approach to its comprehensive pre-k aged program. We recognize that all children develop and learn at a different pace. Our program is designed to meet the needs of the young four year old all up to the more mature five/six year old that might need a little extra time before entering kindergarten.

The curriculum in pre-k aged program is more formally broken down into reading/language arts, math, social studies and art segments (See “specials” page). The reading program focuses on developing phonemic awareness, pre-reading and reading skills through the use of the Super Kids Reading program by the Rowland Reading Foundation.

Math skills are taught throughout multiple aspects of the morning routine (includes calendar, patterns, counting and grouping numbers up to 100) as well as more formal lessons.  Math lessons are typically hands-on manipulative based to allow children the opportunity to visualize the core concepts as they are learning.

The core of Davenport’s social studies program is taught through their unique “Community Class” special (See “specials” descriptions). In the classroom, the social studies curriculum primarily focus on comparing their own world (school, home, neighborhood and family) to different cultures and places around the world.

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