Nicole Dobbs


Saint Mary’s High School

Class of ’93

Villanova University

Bachelors in Secondary Education

Fordham University

Masters in Curriculum and Teaching

Towson University

MSDE Certificate in Administration


Saint Ignatius Loyola Grammar School

Middle School Science & Math


Ruth Parker Eason School

IEP Facilitator & School Test Coordinator

As an educator, Nicole Dobbs believes that creating a healthy and enjoyable learning environment for children at an early age is critical in building a solid foundation for their educational experience. Each child is unique with their own skill set and strengths. These strengths should be celebrated and built upon while students are encouraged to work on areas that do not come as naturally. For students who are demonstrating delays in certain areas, identifying the issue and providing early intervention gives them the best opportunity for positive outcomes both in school and society. Mrs. Dobbs believes that creating strong partnerships between parents and teachers is critical to the success of the child.



Mrs. Dobbs first came to Davenport as a parent when her son was two years old, and was so impressed by the program and faculty that she wanted to join the team. She continues to carry the parent perspective with her as an administrator. Her passion for education is tapping into each child’s individuality while working collaboratively with faculty and parents to meet the child’s needs.  Mrs. Dobbs was born in Davidsonville, Maryland, and currently resides in Towson with her husband, Sean, and son Hudson, who is in elementary school.  Outside of work, Mrs. Dobbs is an avid sports fan, especially with regards to all things Orioles, Ravens, and Villanova. She also has a slight addiction to HGTV and shopping for various home décor items.


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