About Liz Harlan



Baltimore Born & Raised


St. Paul’s School for Girls
Class of 93′

Goucher College
Bachelors in Elementary Education

Johns Hopkins University
Masters School Administration & Supervision


Garrison Forest School
Preschool & Lower School Science Teacher

Gerstell Academy
Asst. Head Lower School
Science Teacher

Trinity Episcopal Children’s Center
Preschool Director

Owner/Founder & Director


Educational and Leadership Philosophy

Liz Harlan has always believed that in order to successfully educate and properly nurture a child, everyone has to work together as a “team.”

A successful school starts with hiring qualified and professional faculty members to lead the school. The faculty must work together as a team of supportive and professional educators, and those faculty members must in turn partner with the parents to educate and create continuity of care and understanding to help each individual child achieve the greatest success they are capable of achieving.

Academic growth is equally as important as social and emotional development. There is a tremendous amount of information you can learn about every child during their formidable preschool years.

Working together as a team, it becomes everyone’s responsibility (Administration, Faculty and Parents) to make sure they open their eyes, ears, and hearts to learn as much as they can about each child’s unique gifts. Attaining this information, ensures that each child is fully prepared for their next academic setting where they can comfortably achieve success.

Liz, You created a community.  I saw the community grow and strengthen every year we attended.  You spent countless hours of YOUR time, creating fun activities for the children and parents.  You developed a culture of giving to those in need.  Even after children moved on, you maintained contact and graciously hosted alumni events on YOUR time.  Again, when I share this with friends whose children attended other preschools, they said “wow, I wish I sent my child there”.   We feel blessed to have been at your school.”

Dawn & Marty O’Neil (Parents)
Towson, Md                                                                 Read More Testimonials…



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