Here are some kind words by parents about Davenport Preschool!

Davenport isn’t just committed to supporting your child that is attending, but the entire family.  Over and over again the teachers and Kelly & Liz have been there for all of us–whether that’s to develop a plan for addressing a challenging behavior or encourage us as we’re working to reach a new milestone whether that’s educational or developmental.  Our sons are thriving, and I know we owe a lot of that to the Davenport faculty and leaders.

  • Bobbi Laur

The teachers at Davenport have an incredible love of young children, and they truly bring joy to the school!  We’ve been here for 3 years,  starting our fourth, and cannot imagine a warmer, happier school.   We love the music, community, science, and art – all done through age-appropriate really fun, hands-on activities.

  • Cynthia Boyd

I cannot say enough about Davenport and the faculty that works there. They are an incredibly gifted group of teachers and it is so obvious that they love what they do. To say that my daughters have blossomed and grown so much during their time at Davenport would be an understatement.

When my older daughter first started attending school at Davenport, she was terrified of everything. She didn’t like to play outside because any gust of wind, insect, loud car, or random person would send her running for the hills. She was very antisocial and barely talked to anyone. After almost 3 years at Davenport, she has become one of the most social and talkative little girls you will ever meet. She is so much more open to new experiences and people now and I know that this is a direct result of the tireless efforts of the staff at the school. She is always telling me (and anyone who will listen) about all the interesting things she is learning about and I can’t believe how smart she is at such a young age.

When my younger daughter started attending school at Davenport, I knew the staff at the school were in for a challenge. She is much more social and “energetic” than my older daughter and I wasn’t sure how she would do there. Amazingly enough, her teachers were able to find a teaching method that worked for her and she too has learned so much during her time there. She asks me every night if she has school the next day and is always excited when she hears that she does.

The director of Davenport, Liz Harlan, has been such a blessing to my family. We have had our fair share of family difficulties during my daughters time at her school and Liz bent over backwards to ensure that no matter what, my girls would remain at Davenport. With all that was going on, it was such a weight off of my shoulders knowing that my girls still had a place in the school that has helped them develop so much. My girls and I will forever be indebted to Liz and the wonderful group of teachers there. Choosing to enroll my daughters at Davenport was one of the best decisions we could have made for our children and it will be paying dividends for years to come. Thanks for all that you do!!!

  • Dave Williamson

Two years ago, looking for a preschool for my almost 2 year old son was such a daunting task. He was not very verbal, very high energy, and exhibited some challenging behaviors. I was unable to tell if he was just entering the “terrible 2s” or if it was more than that. I was nervous about finding the right fit.

My husband and I could not be more pleased that we chose Davenport. They have a very nurturing yet firm approach so that the children understand the rules and boundaries, but also love to be at school and love learning.  They make every effort to identify each child’s learning style, and cater the lessons to meet each individual child’s needs through hands on activities, music, art, and movement. The behavior program used, “1-2-3 Magic”, has been a life saver for us. The on-going communication with Liz, Kelly, and the faculty, has enabled us all to be consistent with my son in using the program, both at school and at home. As a result, he is thriving. His speech and language skills have blossomed and are right on target. He is on par or advanced academically. And while he still struggles at times with the behavior/ social skills piece, he has made tremendous progress in this area as well. I no longer have to be a “helicopter parent” on the playground for fear of how he will treat other children.

My son is excited every morning to go to school and he is happy every day when I pick him up. And as he is about to enter his pre-kindergarten year, I have complete confidence that Davenport will have him fully prepared for Kindergarten. What more could a preschool parent ask for?

  • Nicole Bourgeois


Your school leadership was invaluable to our family and our daughter Caitlin’s educational, social and emotional development.

My girl came to your school, shy, sheltered and had only been under the care of her parents and grandparents. It took a lot for Marty and I to leave our only baby somewhere and for me to return to working full time. We could only do that because old the safe and nurturing environment you created.

As an educator myself, I was so impressed with academic rigor as well. When looking for a preschool and talking with friends, I have yet to find a local preschool that has a hands on science curriculum that covers the subject matter your program covers or has an evidence based reading program. Your program prepared Caitlin to excel in kindergarten. She was more than prepared academically and easily transitioned to kindergarten. Socially and emotionally she grew leaps and bounds. At your school, she gained confidence from the supportive environment you fostered. This year in first grade, her teacher reported she is a leader among her peers. That was something I never would believe the first day I left her at preschool. Thank you for helping raise Caitlin to be a strong, eager learner.

You create more than a preschool, you created a community. I saw the school community grow and strengthen every year we attended. You spent countless hours of YOUR time, creating fun activities for the children and parents. You developed a culture of giving to those in need. Even after children moved on, you maintained contact and graciously hosted alumni events on YOUR time. Again, when I share this with friends whose children attended other preschools, they said “wow, I wish I sent my child there”. We feel blessed to have been at your school.

I don’t need to tell you all the things you’ve done for that school- you transformed it, the staff, the academics, resources and physical space. Without your leadership, I don’t think it would be the outstanding program it is today.

Thank you for all you have done for my family. If there is anything we can do to support you now or in the future we are here for you!

Dawn and Marty O’Neill

My daughter had the benefit of attending a school run by Liz Harlan. It was the best educational experience! I recommended many families to the school, as Liz’s program was the best around. My daughter’s transition to Kindergarten was smooth, as Liz’s school prepared her well, in fact, better than most in her Kindergarten class.
In addition to the excellent academic programs, there were lots of little “extras”. Liz taught the children about charity. They supported three charities, one local (The Ark School), one national (The Ronald McDonald House), and one international (The Heifer Foundation). At Christmas time, for example, the children would bring new, unwrapped toys to the Breakfast with Santa and give them to Santa so he could brighten the day of the children at the Ronald McDonald House.
These acts of charity help to instill a sense of responsibility for our fellow man at a very young age. Finally, Liz Harlan carefully chose her staff. The teachers were so warm and caring toward my daughter. It made it a little bit easier to leave her each morning knowing that she was with people who cared for her almost as much as I did! I would not entrust my baby to just anyone, and from day one, Liz Harlan made my family feel like her school was there to comfort, protect, and guide my daughter. I would send my second daughter to any school run by Liz Harlan, and I would know she was getting the best!

Melissa Moloney



During our first preschool visit with you, Connor was 18 months old. At that point we had visited several pre schools and what made you and your school standout right away was your interaction with Connor. No other Director spoke to him or showed him the school the way you did. You are (literally) the person at the front door! All the teachers and families at your school are incredible.
Your energy, passion and genuine excitement about education are contagious and are felt throughout the school. Hands on learning experiences, field trips, plays, and so much more that you and the teachers have put together truly makes school fun. You set the bar high academically, but discovered ways of not making it seem like work. It is the perfect environment for preschoolers to develop a love for learning.
The fact that your commitment to your school and its families extends beyond the classroom has made such a difference for us. The introduction of charities and helping others to the kids has become such a big part of my children’s lives and I love it. Connor still wants every soda tab he sees to help sick kids at the Ronald McDonald House. And who could forget 123Magic! It still works in my house and I greatly appreciated the seminar you held to keep parents and teachers on the same page for discipline. Those are just two of countless ways you helped both kids and parents grow outside the classroom.
I am back to saying Thank You. Thank you for creating such a wonderful community of teachers, parents and kids at your school and letting us be a part of it. We have enjoyed every second of it!

Melanie and Brendan Kelleher
Connor and Calleigh too!

Liz Harlan is the most wonderful director a preschool could ever ask for. I can say this because I got to experience her outstanding skills first hand for 3 years. My two sons got to enjoy the BEST preschool experience under her direction. My youngest son has some special needs and Liz recognized his needs. After many discussions with my husband and I, Liz brought in the necessary outside resources needed to help him. He has made significant progress in a very short amount of time thanks to Liz’s help. If it wasn’t for her recognizing his needs and being willing to work with him and us none of this would have happened. We are so blessed to have her in our lives!
I am so thankful for everything she has done for our son(s). Liz has an incredible gift and willingness to work with special needs children. I wish every young child could have the opportunity to have the LIZ HARLAN school experience. She has an incredible vision for what a preschool should be and the drive and dedication to make it all happen right down to the tiniest detail.

Stacy and Scott Massengill


A few personal reasons that Monti and I love Davenport …

Every morning we drop Anika off, we know that she is entering a positive, loving environment.  It is so much easier to say goodbye to your child knowing that the potential for a great day awaits them!  Even I leave the building with a zip in my step after saying so many “good mornings” to parents, kiddos and teachers I pass along the way!  It’s a beautiful thing!

We know that Ani is safe and learning awesome things … the basics and so much more!   The teachers really take care in designing well thought lesson plans that challenge, encourage thinking and creativity.  We appreciate that Anika will be expected to pay attention, follow directions and behave in a manner appropriate for her age.  And still there will be plenty of time to let loose and play!

We love to hear about her growth through socializing with friends;  the places they go on vacation, the things their siblings do, the play dates she has arranged for herself, who brings what for lunch, the things her teachers say (which may or may not be verbatim!), who was sad, who was sick.  She takes it all in!
She is learning about being part of a community and caring for one another 😉

Pick-up:  When I pick Anika up from the playground in the afternoon, her shirt and hair may or may not be covered in mulch chips! … and when we get home her shoes may be filled with sand!  (I eventually wised up and started checking for sand while still in the garage before we enter the house!)  I absolutely LOVE this because it makes me smile and I know that she is having a ball!

We feel so grateful that she has such a special environment to thrive in!  Davenport is an education on so many levels, and Monti and I could not even come close to offering her so much or re-creating this priceless experience for her on our own!  We are truly grateful to you and all of your faculty for your continued dedication to our children.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Liz and Monti Singla


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