Davenport Community

Davenport is the vision of Elizabeth (Liz) Davenport Harlan to create a truly unique program and child care environment for all who enter its doors.

Liz’s experience, passion and dedication for educating and nurturing children has been well received and praised by parents, faculty and colleagues for nearly two decades.

The Vision

  • Parents, children, and faculty will quickly come together with a unique sense of family, togetherness and teamwork that will build he strength of Davenport from the inside out.
  • Children will race through the doors to their teachers loving arms to eagerly await the fun and developmentally appropriate activities each day.
  • Parents will be warmly greeted with an instant sense of trust and comfort that will encourage them to want to leave their children in our care.
  • Faculty members will thrive professionally as they are challenged to exceed their own goals and are encouraged to use their creative talents to plan their own unique classroom program within Davenport’s educational framework.
  • Administrators will work together with the faculty as a team of support to provide the guidance and support to help them make the connections with both the students and parents within their class a positive and educational experience for everyone who enters through Davenport’s doors.

Our gift to parents is the peace of mind and secure knowledge that their children are in the care of experienced educators!

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